Independent Living Resource Centre (ILRC)

Volunteering Contact:

Natalie Pirson
Volunteer Coordinator / IL Consultant

Independent Living Resource Centre
311a-393 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3B 3H6


Volunteers are an important part of our centre, and we have always welcomed, appreciated, and encouraged volunteers. Since 2002, we have developed a Volunteer Program that offers volunteers with and without disabilities training opportunities to learn new skills, and develop confidence in their abilities, while making a valuable contribution to ILRC.

An application is filled out and the volunteer is scheduled for an interview, which typically is about 30 minutes long. During the interview, areas of skills, abilities, interests, goal setting and their availability are determined. From this information, the volunteer will be placed in the position according to volunteer's choice and interest.

In order to make the volunteer experience as mutually beneficial as possible, ILRC provides orientation, support, training, appreciation and feedback. ILRC also provides the appropriate resources for volunteers to carry out their work.

People choose to volunteer for many different reasons, and with different goals in mind, including school credit, gaining valuable employment skills and experience, keeping busy, and meeting new and interesting people while helping out the community at the same time.

In addition to being able to place people in the proper volunteer positions, we also do have many contacts throughout the city with different organizations that require volunteers. If it happens that a volunteer has goals that another organization can more easily fulfill, we don't hesitate to refer the individual to those organizations. ILRC offers many benefits to volunteers and value the contribution of each and every volunteer we have!

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Kids on the Block
  • Committee Work
  • One-on-One Involvement
  • Reception Work
  • Office/Administrative Work
  • Booth Displays
  • Internet Research
  • Writing Newsletter Articles
  • Computer Data Entry
  • Leisure Buddies
  • And more...

How Do I Become A Volunteer?

Potential volunteers receive an application form, which assists ILRC to identify volunteer jobs that match the volunteer's area of interest.

To begin the application process, visit the ILRC in person for an application or use the online application form which you can print and mail in or you can fill in and e-mail to Terry McIntosh.

An interview is held following the completion of the application form.

Once ILRC and the volunteer agree to work together, then specific tasks are identified and a schedule is developed.

Contact Natalie to become a volunteer today!

Volunteer Application Form