Independent Living Resource Centre (ILRC)

Information and Referral Contact:

Natalie Pirson
IL Consultant

Chelsey Sommerfield
IL Consultant

Independent Living Resource Centre
311a-393 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3B 3H6

Information and Referral

I & R is a core program available to the entire community. I&R staff are prepared to respond to inquiries related to independent living needs.

I&R staff can provide a vast array of current and accurate information or make a referral to people with concerns about, but not limited to, such issues as:

If you're having difficulty finding information on the above topics, or any other topic, please contact Information and Referral.


I&R produces Options, a quarterly newsletter accessible in a variety of formats, that is distributed to all ILRC members and within the community.

Visit our newsletter page!

Community Presentations

I&R provides presentations, workshops and displays about the ILRC and Disability Awareness. All sessions are tailored directly to the audience and encompass the Independent Living Philosophy. Please check the ILRC calendar page for upcoming workshops.

Knowledge can often make the difference between dependence and independence.

Whenever you are uncertain about where to go or who to call about the resources you need to live independently in the community, call the I&R Program.

ILRC welcomes visitors to the Centre. Please contact I&R to arrange a tour to learn more about the ILRC and the many programs we offer.